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Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles

What are Styrofoam ceiling tiles?

Styrofoam ceiling tiles, also called polystyrene ceiling tiles, are the decorative ceiling tile of choice for DIYers and residential contractors alike. They come in a wide variety of designs and styles that are elegant, beautiful, and add a touch of creativity to your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and other rooms throughout your home.

Polystyrene ceiling tiles are made of polystyrene foam, a resilient polymer that was developed to be a strong, but lightweight, building material. They come in plain white varieties that can be easily painted with your choice of water-based paint. Styles range from modern to classic, and the right set of ceiling skins can cover up that ugly popcorn ceiling and bring out the real beauty in your home.

Decor Ceilings is proud to offer our Styrofoam tiles with a price match guarantee and some of the best customer service in the industry. We provide customer education to help you install your Styrofoam ceiling tiles, and we are confident in our ability to provide you with the right products to fulfill your DIY project needs.

What are the benefits of Styrofoam tiles?

Styrofoam ceiling tiles are 20" x 20" (2.7 sf), making them ideal for residential projects like living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Customers find that these easy to install, lightweight tiles are perfect for DIY projects.

Aesthetic Benefits

These tiles have many aesthetic benefits, including the fact that they are paintable with any water based paints. Design options are limitless when you have the right kind of paint and tile. You can also use them to hide the unsightly parts of old ceilings. For example, use Styrofoam ceiling tiles hide leak stains or yellowing corners. Additionally, since you can glue over popcorn ceilings and most surfaces, you do not have to limit yourself to just refreshing the ceiling- Styrofoam ceiling tiles can be used to bring splashes of new style to backsplashes, side panels, basements, and other interior decorating projects. Well-painted and installed ceilings tiles can be indistinguishable from ceilings made of more expensive material.

Functional Benefits

Styrofoam tiles can be as functional as they are beautiful. They add insulation to keep your rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This option is easier than adding harmful materials to your attic, and with no expensive tools needed, using Styrofoam ceiling tiles to insulate your home is, by far, the simplest way to keep your family comfortable in every season. Another functional benefit of Styrofoam tiles is their sound insulation abilities. This is ideal for the at-home sound studio or for customers who just want their walls to be a little thicker.

Safety Benefits

These tiles are safe both before and after their installation. While you are handling them, they are non-toxic and require no tools to install. Since the sides of the tiles flush against each other, you don’t have to worry about putting yourself in a hazardous position just to install it correctly. Once installed, you have the safety benefit of the fact that Styrofoam is naturally waterproof. You can safely use these tiles without fear of mold development or rot as a result of exposure to water.

Cost Benefits

One of the most important benefits is how affordable Styrofoam ceiling tiles are. Their low price makes them a highly attractive alternative that costs less money than removing a popcorn ceiling. DIYers save on labor and material by installing their polystyrene tiles themselves, and, even more importantly, installation takes hours, not days. Imagine being able to lie beneath a new expanse of color or texture in less time, and money, than it takes to move to another apartment.

Cover Up Your Ceilings Creatively

Get creative with your residential ceiling projects without overwhelming your budget. Styrofoam ceiling tiles are affordable and they cover up that ugly popcorn ceiling with a range of styles are only limited to your imagination. Would you prefer a classic look to your ceilings? Many tiles are designed with Greek, Deco, and Gothic designs for a touch of elegance. Use water-based golden, pearl, or off-white paint to give your living room, kitchen, or bedroom a European look.

If you would prefer a modern look, there are many designs with geometric shapes that will compliment bold colors like vibrant purples and yellows. A modern ceiling can bring out a room whose modern furniture was the only contrast to a stark white ceilings.

You can also achieve a more natural look with your Styrofoam ceiling. Many designs are styled to look like the carvings you find on the roofs of wooden cabins. You can paint these with tawny or brown water-based paints for a look that brings a cabin in the woods to mind, even to living rooms and bedrooms in the middle of suburbia.

How to Install Styrofoam Tiles

As mentioned, Styrofoam ceiling tiles are easy to install. All you need is the right kind of glue. There are two specific adhesives that are the industry standard for Styrofoam tile installation.

  1. LOCTITE Construction Adhesive
  2. AcrylPro Ceramic Tile Adhesive

LOCTITE can be found at Lowes and other home improvement stores. It is a weatherproof and waterproof Polyurethane adhesive that has three times the strength of regular glue. It comes in a hand-held bottle to make spreading the glue easier. AcrylPro is a high grade adhesive that comes in buckets of up to 3 ½ gallons. This type of adhesive, found at Home Depot and other home improvement supply stores, is recommended for larger ceiling jobs.

Install ceiling tiles over clean, dry surfaces. Unstable, wet, or soft surfaces make a poor foundation for glue-up tiles, so you should only install your tiles on lime-cement, concrete, popcorn ceilings, drywall, and lime surfaces. If you have questions about installation, call Decor Ceilings at 800-270-4764 for answers.

Why Choose Decor Ceilings for Your Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles?

At Decor Ceilings, our priority is the satisfaction of our customers. We offer a delivery time of 3-5 business days, and if you are dissatisfied with your tiles, you can send back your undamaged products within 30 days for a full refund. We offer the finest customer service through every phase of your Styrofoam tile purchasing experience, from the design, to purchase, to shipping, and installation.

For more information about our Styrofoam ceiling tiles, call Decor Ceilings at 800-270-4764 today.

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